• Corrosion Resistance
  • Compliance with Hygiene Requirements
  • Aesthetic

The proper functioning of even the most complex and expensive machines could be thwarted or hindered by a suddenand simple reduction or change in the fluid pressure.

The diagnostic system developed by Mini Press guarantees at any time, place and condition, the immediate pressure control inside the machine, without stopping its functioning, and consists of a full range of miniaturized components for a pressure quick check through test couplings (threaded valves), micro hoses fitted with ends, adapters, and measurement tools.

  • The test couplings are available in different versions
  • The pressure checking test points be screwed in any point of the system that needs to be controlled
  • The valves allow an instant and manual measurement of the pressure value in the point avoiding the interruption of the system functioning up to 630 bar.

This system is also useful for the operations of air and oil bleeding and fluid sampling , speeding up and optimizing the testing, maintenance and support phases. Mini Press range of products can be mounted on any type of mobile and stationary machinery equipped with an hydraulic, water or gas system.